Ivan Jordanov DONCHEV

Assoc. Proffesor, Dr.

Central Laboratory of Mineralogy and Crystallography (CLMC),
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)
Web site: http://www.clmc.bas.bg
1113 Sofia, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., Bl. 107, BULGARIA
Phone: (+3592) 8700161/54; Fax.: (+3592) 9797056;
idonchev@clmc.bas.bg; idonchev@dir.bg

Biographical data:

Education: Scientifical title: Associated proffesor, 1996

Expressions of scientific interests: Technological-mineralogical research in ore and non-metallic raw materials and  technogenic products; synthesis and characterization of crystall materials for different purposes; Investigation of ceramics, utilization of wastes in cement industry.

Languages: english –speak/read/write; french – read/write/speak; russian – speak/read/write.

Professional experience:


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