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Symmetry operations: axes of rotation symmetry
Symmetry operations: symmetry inversion axes
Point group symmetry
Space lattices
The crystal periodicity
The crystal periodicity: screw axes
Axes of rotation symmetry: a summary
The crystal periodicity: glide planes
The space groups
Point groups in two dimensions
Plane lattices
Crystallographic plane groups
About the composition of two-fold axes

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Metric matrix
-Unit cell volume
-Modulus of a vector
-Interatomic distance
-The bond angle
The reciprocal lattice
-Some examples
The torsion angle
Basis transformation
-From triclinic to orthonormal
The structure factor
Electron density calculation

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Historical summary
The Bragg law
The Ewald sphere
The Dirac delta function
The lattice function L
The Fourier transform
-of functions
-of lattices
Examples of Fourier transform

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